Hüseyin AKSOY
Governor of Kocaeli
Kocaeli, Industrial city of Turkey is also industrial city of Europe ,as there are many factories which are really source of production for Europe and that is why, Kocaeli is in the centre of appeal for whole European Countries.
We all know that Europe is a continent with many different traditions and languages, but also with shared values such as democracy, freedom and social justice. The EU defends these values. It fosters cooperation among the people of Europe, promoting unity while preserving diversity and ensuring that decisions are taken as close as possible to the citizens.
The general objectives of the Europe for citizens are to contribute to cultural and linguistic diversity, while contributing to intercultural dialogue. Our aim is to foster a sense of ownership of the European Union among its citizens; enhance tolerance and mutual understanding between European citizens respecting Kocaeli is eager to work with European citizen in a spirit of curiosity, clarity and solidarity in order to contribute freedom, peace, human rights, tolerance, solidarity and fight against racism and xenophobia of increasingly interdependent world of the 21st century.
The concept of Active European Citizenship is a responsibility for us, therefore as kocaeli we are continually in search of how to add a value to the European dimension. Cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue is leading objective for us so as to collaborate with city of word a good sample of is on April 23rd 1920, Turkish Grand National Assembly in Ankara was opened. Atatürk, founder of the Turkish Republic, annaunce this day as a gift to the children of the world because he believed that the future would be formed by children. Therefore, every year Turkey celebrates April 23rd as National Sovereignty and Children's Day.
We know that The European societies are changing rapidly. For example issues like globalization, transition towards a knowledge based economy, demographic developments, immigration, increasing individualism are recurrent challenges. In this context, the European Union has to adopt clear strategy for facing these challenges: as it is stated in the 'Lisbon schedule' EU aims to become the most competitive knowledge based economy in the world.
The new Life Long Learning Programme supports learning opportunities from childhood to old age in every single life situation and foster interchange, promote bilateral and multilateral partnerships, foster trans-national mobility of individuals and promote quality in education and training systems throughout Europe.
Kocaeli is ready to share and exchange experiences, opinions and values, to learn from history and to build for the future;
Those all I have mentioned are our objectives which will develop closer ties between citizens from Member States of the European Union and those from Member States United nations. We are ready to guest you in kocaeli with every aspect that you will understand how the intimacy this city has with 'körfez bay' and affected its character and its history as Industrial city of Turkey.
Yours sincerely