COOP National Event in Kocaeli/TURKEY
The first National Dissemination Event of COOP Project run by a consortium of six European partners under Erasmus+ Programme of EU, has been held in Kocaeli/ Turkey by the Turkish partner of the Project, Bureau for EU and Foreign Affairs (BEUFA).
The event was held on Tuesday, 6th of September in Governorship of Kocaeli facility. The event aimed two main objectives; to disseminate the initial results and outcomes of COOP project to the related local stakeholders; and to establish an active entrepreneurship network among the local individuals and institutional stakeholders working in the field entrepreneurship.
Among the participants of the event, there were representatives from Kocaeli University, Gebze Technical University, East Marmara Development Agency, and Employment Agency besides the officials from Organized Industrial Zones, NGO representatives, young/potential entrepreneurs and business holders from different sectors.
The agenda respectively included; introduction of BEUFA, presentation of COOP Project, introduction of CAE (Coopérative d'activité et d'emploi) system and presentation by the Young Entrepreneurs Centre which is the local stakeholder and pilot execution partner of COOP in Kocaeli. After the formal meeting, an informal “coffee-talk” activity was held to enhance the communication and interaction among the participants.